P2 Shenanigans #4

D: I’m going to pull a Berkeley…

Lool, but pretty accurate: studying 5 hours straight, except you don’t have to fight over seats at the library.

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P2 Shenanigans #3

Back to a (somewhat regular) workout schedule :) 

And realized that there are so many things “work”-related that I like

  • work as in being productive learning things
  • work as in being productive learning things and making income on the side
  • workouts
  • networking



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Revelation #19

In light of this cytokine storm that has been going on recently… okay not a cytokine storm, but I learned that over the summer and I feel smart to talk about it :3

Anyways, forreals now.  I’ve had an unreasonably difficult time saying goodbye to friends during graduations, so to see people walk in and out of my life in the blink of an eye is not something I can just handwave and resume studying (hence my decision to reconcile my thoughts somewhat through this Tumblr contemplation despite imminent midterms).  

No matter how close a friend may be and how well you think you know someone, there is always the possibility for underlying issues, considerations, and aspirations that you fail to perceive.  I learn, somewhat painfully, to never take anyone or any time for granted, to treasure the people around you and live in the moment.  Not to assume that the people in your everyday life right now will be there forever, not to attenuate the time you spend with them and shuffle them down your priorities.  (I guess in essence this post is a deep and emotional version of yolo o.O)

As a corollary to people walking out of your life, I also realize how you must make an effort to open the door for people walk into your life.  It’s comfortable to stay in niches, cliques, the status quo, to be lazy and spend Friday nights sitting in front of your computer doing nothing.  But relationships are kind of like estrogen regulation: at first there is the self-regulating negative feedback, but only when the investment surpasses a threshold duration and intensity can positive feedback reinforce strong bonds.  (One of the silliest analogies I’ve made in awhile, but I can’t get physio out of my system!  Pun intended :P)

This leads me to conclude that it is not only is it important to hang on to every moment, but also to keep an open mind—letting go of my defenses; be all in for life (<—references to my two favorite Lifehouse songs).

Haven’t used this hashtag in awhile that seems to be becoming obselete, but… #yolo

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Notes from the Pharm #14
  • Learned about how to answer a provider’s question about adverse events in drug info; the next week, answered a provider’s question about microcytic anemia as an adverse event for divalproex and Depakote at work
  • Compounded customized T3/T4 capsules at work; the next week, learned about thyroid hormone regulation in physio
  • Discussed osteoporosis therapeutics with the pharmacist today; read about bone physiology tonight

#synergy <—just like endocrine effects :]

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P2 Shenanigans #2


^all I have time for on Tumblr blogging these days

Maybe by the end of this quarter, my Yelp reviews will turn into:

  1. Eeks
  2. Bleh
  3. Meh
  4. Cool
  5. Yay!

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P2 Shenanigans #1

P1 buddies: Pick a place to eat!

Me: Ok!  But first… let me finish my slides


Plus so much more to blog about!  The dilemma of how once school starts, there is more to write about but less time to write it :<

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Summer Break Sheanigans #18

omgah I did it!  Cleaned out all of my email.  GOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL

Now onwards to packing for moving back to SF

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And so it begins… P2 Year Goals & Objectives

Less serious goals & objectives:

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Being Honest with Myself

In the perpetual question of figuring out what I want to do, between clinical pharmacy and research, I’ve often found myself leaning towards research.  

As someone with a currently very limited clinical knowledge consisting mostly of anticlimactic OTC-treatable ailments and doing mostly operational tech work, I would understandably look at a complex patient case quite cluelessly, hence why I am mostly in charge of tech duties during work.  The image of me as a clinical pharmacist was extremely fuzzy.  

On the other hand, during my research experiences I have always been able to follow through on projects to the point that I am able to knowledgeably present something as my work.  I could clearly extrapolate the image of a career in research.

It is not until having taken the leap of faith and signing up for a clinical skills competition that I managed to catch a glimpse of the clinical pharmacist me.  In half-actually-competing, half-learning-on-the-go, I am certain that I was off in my clinical recommendations, having latched onto bits and pieces I read in the reference books without a solid understanding of the big picture.  But for the very few clinical issues I was able to have a meaningful discussion in, it was so exciting and rewarding it was as if I had momentarily reached that point I had dreamed of—being able to solve a complex patient case by putting together the clues to elucidate the problem, weighing risks and benefits of treatment options, thinking ahead to a comprehensive care plan and meanwhile employing the highest levels of critical thinking in the grey matter that is medicine (almost wish it were a neuro case so my pun would be more applicable).

Don’t get me wrong; I love research.  But what I realized is that between clinical pharmacy and research, I have gravitated towards the field I felt more confident in and had more accomplishments in, while straying away from the field I had yet to learn a lot in but spoke to me more.

Moral of the story to the 90% of Tumblr friends not deciding between these two narrow fields of pharmacy: Reflect back on what your goals were at the beginning.  Don’t get distracted in the process and let your experiences shape your confidence to in turn redefine your goals—just because you haven’t learned something, it doesn’t mean you are bad at it, or that you should lose sight of the distant day when you finally master it.  Long-term goals are especially important to keep in mind in the field of health care, since there is such a large investment phase before the payoff: Don’t forget about patience or patients. =)

Here’s to a productive year of learning physiology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, and that beast that integrates it all, therapeutics.  

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Notes from the Pharm #13

THAT CASE.  I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in 2 hours, including crash coursing new therapeutics material on the spot, integrating bits and pieces from my (limited) pharmacy experiences, and of course the awesome teamwork—thank you for having the guts to walk into the lion’s den with me, for the sake of intellectual curiosity.

O.M.G. I am sho excited for rotations.

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Revelation #18

I was scared out of my socks a few days ago when I couldn’t stop thinking about scary news about hotels, while I was at a hotel -_-;; Of course I would do this to myself…

Then I remembered that previously when I had fears, whether feeling queasy in a boat in the middle of the ocean, getting really tired after running but realizing I had to make it back, or finding myself in situations with impossible amounts of work to get done, how I would get by is by focusing on happy memories—i.e. my Patronus!  Harry Potter moment :)  

The Patronus Charm (Expecto Patronum) is the most famous and one of the most powerful defensive charms known to wizardkind. It’s an immensely complicated, very difficult spell that evokes a partially-tangible positive energy force known as a Patronus or spirit guardian. It is the primary protection against Dementors and Lethifolds, to which there is no other protection.

Can’t believe that all that I time I spent plowing through fatter-than-dictionary books about wizards and other seemingly nonsensical fantasy amounted to an important life lesson.

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Summer Break Shenanigans #17

Expectation: I had planned to go on a diet upon coming back from Socal.

Reality: Today I had smoked salmon eggs Benedict for brunch, vanilla and jasmine tea ice cream for snack, cold brew iced coffee, and fruit for dinner.  Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed.


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100 Therapeutic Days #25

1/4 way through!  After this I will take a little break from the 100 Therapeutic Days per my Big’s advice on doing less work, though yes I am bringing a therapeutics book on vacation teehee

  • For patients randomized to enalapril, lercanidipine, or a combination, for all groups there was a decrease in blood pressure from baseline.  The combination was more effective in decreasing monotherapies.  
  • There was no variation in lipid profile or fasting plasma glucose.
  • Because all treatments increased sRAGE levels and decreased sCD40L and MPO, and that lercanidipine (but not enalapril, though there was more improvement in the combination) improved Lp(a) levels, these biomarkers may be useful in risk stratifying hypertensive patients.

Source: Effects of enalapril/lercanidipine combination on some emerging biomarkers in cardiovascular risk stratification in hypertensive patients

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  • P: Heard your Big wants you to work less
  • Me: lmao rly?!?!??!??!?!?!?
  • P: Yeah, you should listen
  • Me: lol I don't remember her telling me that. Unless I wasn't listening :P

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Do “all good things come to an end”?

No, it is only the beginning.

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