Summer Break Shenanigans #9

What happens when you get 16 hours of sleep over 4 days during conference, and have work early tomorrow morning?

You come home and stay up replying to emails regardless because of all the inspiration from conference <3

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23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In San Francisco

All of them <3 

Except I don’t hate LA that much (though of course that is only a city, not the City ^^)

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Summer Break Shenanigans #8

Why did I choose to be productive on the WC final day


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Sometimes I Feel Like Such a Bum

When I come home from work, collapse on the couch, watch kdramas, eat dinner, write Yelp reviews, then go to sleep =__=

I don’t know if it’s called procrastination or time management to have such a bipolar work ethic… either I’m on my caffeinated toes the entire day sounding productive pounding away on a keyboard at my desk, or I’m essentially waiting for bedtime.  

Work hard, play hard, rest hard.

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Twentysomethingness According to Friends

I used to watch Friends as a kid… now it all makes sense :’)

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A Midsummer Night’s Crisis


The saying about staying hungry… I guess this summer I’ve been a bit too hungry.  Literally because of my Yelp craziness, but more importantly, metaphorically because there are so many things I want to learn.  I feel like I make this mistake repeatedly, fall behind my expectations and complain, reflect and make a plan, and in the end it works out. 

After an eye-opening first year, of course summer seems like the perfect incubation time to grow personally, intellectually, and professionally.  But with my greedy appetite, I defer and initiate too many things for the summer such that it feels I’m drowning in my own ambition.  (I know everyone hates that facade “I’m too passionate and too hard-working”… but it seems too real!) 

All this work, work-related things, side projects, self-learning, volunteer things, and obligations border on unrealistic scheduling on their own; however, taken together it becomes difficult to focus—it’s the opposite of synergy.  In fact, today I had an interesting discussion with my Big that the problem with insane multitasking is that even though you are doing different things, you deplete the same pool of willpower.

Some people say that the biggest takeaway from undergrad is learning how to study.  I realize that the equivalent in grad school is learning how to prioritize.  You reach that point that you know what you want to do and what you can do, but you feel like everything is mutually exclusive, even though your capacity is not. 

The solution?  Not to keep calm and carry on, but to prioritize and carry on.  Much as I am enthusiastic about health econ, it’ll go on hold for now.  Much as I want to preview next year’s classes, I’ll likely just skim it during vacay this summer.  Much as I’d like to work on my photography blog, for now I’ll stop after taking the pictures.  Much as _ ____ __ ____, let’s minimize stresses and distractions. 

Take it one day at a time.  Let’s do this

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Summer Break Shenanigans #7

When your ankle is sprained, your quads are sore, and you left your weights in SF… you do girl push-ups.  Can’t tell whether that makes me sound intense or weak.

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The Intern Diet

Grabbing a light skimpy breakfast because I’m maximizing the latest I can get up, getting full from coffee, having a yogurt for lunch because I’m too lazy to pack a real lunch and have too much Elite dignity to resort to the food truck, passing on the boba run because I’m cheap, slightly losing my appetite from being stressed, storming out of the house at night and going for the second run of the day.

Twentysomethingness that somehow all works out.  

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Revelation #15

That it is impossible to keep up with everyone you’ve been hoping to keep in touch with.  Even though true friends have no problem picking up where they left off in order to accommodate busy schedules, there is a significant opportunity cost of all the memories that could have been formed (sounds like anterograde amnesia).

And I thought I was done with that phase of twentysomething confusion :/

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Notes from the Pharm #11

When you sleep in a different bed every 2 nights—wait, that came off as way more scandalous than I intended.  Redo:

When you stay at a different city every 2 nights and switch among different work/conference responsibilities, you realize there is such thing as something more exhausting than full-time work or school.  What makes things worse is not being able to sleep because you are too excited about the work you’re returning to the next day X)


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Notes from the Pharm #10

When I had my first drug industry internship, I fancied the far-fetched idea of one day using computer modeling to replace clinical trials.

Two years later at my first drug industry internship of pharmacy school, I learn about a use of simulations so powerful and innovative (though I am sworn to corporate confidentiality) that it seems as though we are not too unreasonably far off from my speculation.


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SF Problems #4

Wearing basketball shorts on Pride weekend makes me feel like I’m cross-dressing…

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Delta G Reaches Negative Infinity

When you’re exhausted from being up since 6am, a long day at work, and dealing with tedious bank responsibilities after work…

…and all you wanna do is write reviews, go running, and listen to edm…

…but end up going to Cocobang with ____ ______ ___ _ ___ __ _ ____.

lol that looks like a Morse code

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58 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Everything We Do

The Galatea effect: Where people succeed — or underperform — because they think they should.

Very interesting points in behavioral economics—thank you @idrawvikings for sharing :)

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After having left my phone/laptop chargers and my glasses at my apartment, and also forgetting to upload something I typed up on a school computer…. I have a new resolution that I will do nothing productive the weekend after finals.  #ednagoparty

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